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Tear Sheets

All of the photos on this page were shot for publication in 405 Magazine and its sister publication, 405Home.  It's been a lot of work, but also, a lot of fun. 


My first images appeared in 405 Magazine / 405Home in June, 2017.  

In the days prior to digital photography and the internet, freelance photographers (and many staff photographers, too) who had work published in magazines and newspapers would keep an album of their work as a portfolio, to show what had been published, and what their work looked like in print (which could be quite different from what one would hang on one’s wall). 

To do this, they would procure a copy of the publication, and literally tear out the page or pages with their photo(s), making sure to get the by-line that accompanied the photo(s) to prove that it was indeed their photo.  Now, of course, it’s much easier to go to the online edition of the publication, and take a screenshot of the page(s) in question.  This web-page is a collection of such screenshots, and serves to show what my work looked like when it was published.  

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