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I am kind of new to Street Photography.  Not that I've never done it, just not a lot of it.  But it can be quite interesting.  Street Photography forces one to look at the world with a different eye.  This is not photo journalism, editorial, or commercial.  It's not formal portraiture (assuming people in the image).

Most of my Street Photography will be in Black and White.  I think B&W lends itself more to this style of the photography.  Color images will only be included if the color makes a statement of some kind itself.  The color must be there for a reason.

Bandshell, Myriad Botanical Gardens
Stairway to Heaven?
What? No Elevator?
Call the Grammar Police
The Boat
Step Down
Riding the Rails
No Smoking
Pay to Park
Who Sat Here?
Patience Latting Circle
US Mail Storage
The Garage
Rainbow Chairs
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